Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Birthday was fun. Did many birthday things this weekend, including getting tattooed.

First off on Friday was my pole xmas party. We had to go dressed in the fashion of the year we were born:

I then had to do a performance, and the pole was really slippery!
Up to this point I hadn't had a drink because I knew I'd be performing and didn't want to stuff up. Here's what happens when you mix alcohol and pole dancing:

That was me on the floor after falling off the pole. In my defense, the pole was slippery (and the florr was a little closer than I remembered!!)

Went out on the town afterwards, but Liv pike out early (damn exchange students can't hold their booze!). So we came home and started drinking with my brother and his mates.

Liv was in a fairly bad way:

And she then made the mistake of passing out on the couch:

This is everyone gearing up to shaving cream her:

If you're wondering why there are no picutres of me about to get shaving creamed or the like, it's coz I'm not stupid enough to pass out at my house with my brother and his mates around!!

By the way, if you want to see more pics, just go to my Facebook page.

Saturday night was family dinner time. We went to a great Japanese restaurant in town where I ate way more than was good for me. But the food was wonderful.

Sunday was "quiet day" where I reflected on the horror of turning 24!

Monday was rather interesting. I got my first tatt done. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of that at the moment because I forgot to take my camera with me, and my friend hasn't sent the ones she took yet. But no doubt everyone will see it tonight. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and rather proud of not passing out or anything.

Afterwards I had to go to work as well and that was a little uncomfortable!

Hmm that's about it really. Am almost up to date with Xmas shopping, only a few little bits to do.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Still here!

And will be there tonight. Here's my life in a summary:

  • Working
  • Reading new books (very good!)
  • Not doing cross stitch (very bad)
  • Organising birthday stuff (very good!)
  • Getting tattooed on Monday (hopefully)
  • Will go and clean my room shortly (no, really I will!)
  • Have to practise for pole performance (after I clean my room)
  • Buying Xmas presents
  • Have not yet done Xmas cards (bad)
  • Was sick, am now getting better
And that's about it really!

Missing you guys heaps. Also don't forget that on Saturday at 1pm YOU are invited to coffee at Euro Bar!! See you there!!

Lotsa love