Friday, May 30, 2008

Shann Got Poked Yesterday

And not in a good way! I had to get some vaccinations for my trip to SA, so now I am sore and sorry, but not infectious or infectable! Got one in each arm and one of them was a combined shot so it really hurts!! I could barely lift my hand above my head so I didn't end up going to pole. I am down to roughly a month and counting now, so getting very excited!

I have been trying lately to put a pic on the blog of my cross stitch and where I'm up to, but Blogger has not bee cooperating, and the pic has not been loading. Will keep at it though coz I am quite proud of myself.

Have been relearning the fine art of time management. Between working, cross stitch and YAAD work, trying to get it all done. I tell you, work really puts a cramp in my social time!

So that is what I am up to, love you all!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Still Here!

Have been nagged about infrequent blogging again so here I am. Life goes on as usual. Have been working, filled in at work last Thursday and Friday, so good pay this week.

Have been doing ok with my struggle with the cross stitch. I am finally past the fiddly bit (one of many) so have made fairly good progress. Have been reading and getting ready for YAAD.

YAAD will be a lot of fun, and I'm currently working on my first assignment. Yay!

Still getting organised for my trip to South Africa. Got myself a jacket to take with me this morning. And it's purple! (of course!).

So that's me lately. Bye bye!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Tagged again!

Ok I think I futzed this up. I didn't realise tagging meant I had to write 8 random things, I just thought I had to post coz I hadn't posted for ages! So 8 random things, here I go:

1. On the subject of OCD, if in the vicinity of any suede, I must brush it so it all lays flat.

2. I have shop lifted before

3. I have always been really jealous of my younger brother for being so good at sports

4. I both love and hate going to the beach. I love it coz I love the feel of the water and swimming in the sea, but I hate it because I can't wear my glasses and I'm totally blind without them, so I freak out about the height of the waves coz I can't see them properly, and I can never find my own way back to my stuff.

5. I own seasons 1-3 of NCIS, 1-4 of Law & Order SVU, and 1,3,4 of Buffy on DVD

6. I turn the shower off while I condition my hair and wash my body. But not always in the winter time!!

7. The book I borrowed most from the library when I was at school was a book on mythology.

8. I have tried numerous times to learn to touch type, and I still can't do it!!

Tagging Jonathon