Friday, May 02, 2008

Tagged again!

Ok I think I futzed this up. I didn't realise tagging meant I had to write 8 random things, I just thought I had to post coz I hadn't posted for ages! So 8 random things, here I go:

1. On the subject of OCD, if in the vicinity of any suede, I must brush it so it all lays flat.

2. I have shop lifted before

3. I have always been really jealous of my younger brother for being so good at sports

4. I both love and hate going to the beach. I love it coz I love the feel of the water and swimming in the sea, but I hate it because I can't wear my glasses and I'm totally blind without them, so I freak out about the height of the waves coz I can't see them properly, and I can never find my own way back to my stuff.

5. I own seasons 1-3 of NCIS, 1-4 of Law & Order SVU, and 1,3,4 of Buffy on DVD

6. I turn the shower off while I condition my hair and wash my body. But not always in the winter time!!

7. The book I borrowed most from the library when I was at school was a book on mythology.

8. I have tried numerous times to learn to touch type, and I still can't do it!!

Tagging Jonathon

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