Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ucking Dodo

Internet has been playing up, hence lack of blogging and commenting.

Did battle on Saturday (may also be called "attempting to find a park and then navigate new Westfield Kotara"). Am muchly impressed with the new shops (especially new underwear shop and donut shop) but not so impressed with parking facilities. If you want to go and have a peek, take my advice and go at an unusual time such as midday on a weekday when everyone is at work. Parking is almost tolerable at that time of day.

Donuts are fairly spectaular. Not as good as Mr Donuts, but definitely a step up from Donut King.

Had to do a school on Friday, up at Glen William. (I had no idea either- it's near Clarence Town). Anyway I had no idea how to get there so I borrowed my friend's GPS. Is very speccy, but it also tried to drive me off a bridge. I swear he programmed it to do that. Or I would if I didn't know he was technologically inept.

That's been it for me lately. Had the boy up for the weekend which was nice. Am reading a new book which is pretty much a cross between Anne Rice and Mills and Boon, which just says loads for my taste in literature. But I'm really enjoying it.

Love you all

Friday, August 24, 2007

I am...

  • Not sleeping well
  • So am very tired
  • Instructor at a new school
  • Lover of GPS that enabled me to find said school
  • Thinking about doing cross stitch
  • Perhaps too tired to do cross stitch
  • Reading a new book
  • Very good pole dancer (see pic!)

  • Wanting to practice more but need to get room for pole
  • Very bruised
  • Not feeling my best (probly due to non-sleeping)
  • Enjoying just lounging around

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Really Boring Mary

Am boring Mary indeed. Have not been doing much lately at all. Mum's cross stitch arrived the other day, so I have been working on that mostly. Am still on page one, but at least it's on the move.

Starting another school on Friday. Also have the boy coming up for a visit. Have started reading a new book and have renewed my love for libraries. In particular, Wallsend library. Is very cool.

Went to a Rotary do on Saturday and met lots of the Inbound students (ie foreign students in Oz). Met the 2 Japanese girls and they seem really nice. Unfortunately I had to go to work, so I didn't get much of a chance to chat.

Mum also dobbed me in. One of the guys we know has taken charge of Japan but he knows nothing about it, so I have been asked to be the "unofficial helper". I'm going to teach him a bit of Japanese, and I may need to go to the airport to meet new Inbounds. I don't mind though. I remember what it was like arriving in Japan, and even though I had learnt the language, I was still really grateful that my first host sister spoke English. So am looking forward to that.

Have been having interesting dreams lately. Not sure what's going on with me!

Why do women have such huge body image issues? Who decides what is beautiful? And if it's not us, why do we care what they think? Why do we let ourselves be defined like that? And why am I getting so worked up about this? I usually have a fairly positive self image so I don't know why this is coming up now. And it's only one particular thing. It's really not all that important in the scheme of things. And I'm the only one who seems to have a problem with it.

Wow, that rant seemed to come out of nowhere!

Anyways, I should get going. Love you all

Monday, August 13, 2007

Been a while

But not much to report. Spent a lovely weekend with the boy. Have been working hard at pole class trying to nail a particular move, and I finally got it. Here's the video;
clicky here

Am very proud of this moove as it takes a lot of strength compared to some of the other ones.

Am working on one of my Popcorn cross stitches, and here is what I have so far.

That's it really. Just that and work. I am a boring Mary.

Mum's cross stitch pattern arrived the other day, so I will be making a trip into Spotlight to get supplies.

I am very boring Mary.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tesah lately

Well I got through pole class without destroying the place, which was a big accomplishment considering we all had a glass of champagne beforehand! Something tells me that mixing alcohol and pole dancing is not a good idea, and I think Teacher agrees!

Had parties today, and for once it went rather well. The day almost flew by, and the last party was absolutely aweome coz they were all gymnasts from Cessnock. So I pretty much let them run wild (which I would never do with the other parties) Even the parents were getting into it- thought I usually say that the parents are worse than the kids!

Am going to visit the boy at his new place. Lucky for me the bed is already broken, so I can't get blamed for that!

Got an email from the people I ordered Mum's cross stitch pattern from to tell me why I haven't got it yet. They usually ship in 48 hours, but there was a "system error" (translation: someone f*cked up!) and it was packaged, but not yet shipped. So it is now on the way, and I have to figure out how to get to the letterbox to get it before she does!

Also on the good news front, I don't have to turn up to do schools on Wednesday coz we have comps on all week. Arvo classes and Singleton are still on though.

Stitch n Bitch has been relocated to the SECOND Saturday of each month. Unfortunately when this was re-arranged I had already organised a trip south (funnily enough we will be going to a craft expo!) so it will be starting again NEXT MONTH!

Alcohol and hanging upside down is not a good mix.

I have snapped 2 fingernails all the way down to the pink bit. I hate having part of my finger poking out from the nail, so I never cut them that short, and it is driving me NUTS!! You know how some people can't stand fingernails on a blackboard? Well this is giving me the same sensation, and IT DOESN'T STOP!!! Ahh, it will grow back soon I guess.

Mmm apple pie and ice cream