Monday, August 13, 2007

Been a while

But not much to report. Spent a lovely weekend with the boy. Have been working hard at pole class trying to nail a particular move, and I finally got it. Here's the video;
clicky here

Am very proud of this moove as it takes a lot of strength compared to some of the other ones.

Am working on one of my Popcorn cross stitches, and here is what I have so far.

That's it really. Just that and work. I am a boring Mary.

Mum's cross stitch pattern arrived the other day, so I will be making a trip into Spotlight to get supplies.

I am very boring Mary.


Kathleen said...

Hello - o - o - o - o

Woohoo pole dancing all right!

Very exciting cross-stitchin' Mary

~*Rylah*~ said...

Cross stitch is looking great, gorgeous. Keep up the good work!

Lisa said...

no, not a boring Mary.merely a Mary living a life.which is good and fine........