Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The universe moves in mysterious ways

Remember how during the Ostara ritual I said I wanted "job stuff" figured out? Well everything is mysteriously falling into place. My main problem was that while I want full time work, I wanted a job that would allow me to keep at least one shift at the gym so that I could keep my qualifications current. Well the boy had a chat to a few people at Flight Centre for me, and the response was pretty much "we can probably sort something out". So this is all good. My next problem is going to be pole dancing. Classes for me at the moment are on a Thursday at 7pm. Most shops don't close until 9 on a Thursday. So I may need to have a look at rearranging that, but I'm fairly confident that something will work out. It seems I'm getting a lot of help on this!!

I have to admit, I'm a wee bit stunned at all this. I have received stuff that I've asked for before, but those were material items, and can be explained by hard work and saving (with a little help from the Universe of course!), but the mechanics involved in getting this to all fall into place has me absolutely astounded. I am very much trusting in the universe right now. This will all work out with me being able to keep my Tuesday shift (am being specific!!) and also my pole dancing class, whether it be on a Thursday or not.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dragon Workshop

Was muchly fun indeed. Small group but good nonetheless. Discovered that dragons can be quite insistent when they want your attention, and boy did they want our attention!

Big thank you to Helen for organising the workshop. It was muchly appreciated.

I would write more, but I actually read Helen's blog first, so I don't think I really have much more to add.

Was fun

Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend News

Weekend was good. Visited the boy. Was supposed to do cross stitch while the boy worked, but I pretty much just bummed around on the net. Saturday night we went into Sydney for a night out. Had the best dinner at Paddy McGuire's Pub. And quickly found that the CDB is good for pubs, not so good for nightclubs. And that walking in hooker heels all over Sydney is a lot harder than dancing in them.

Pandora has opened a shop at the QVB, it's the first exclusively Pandora retailer shop in the worLinkld (they usually sell through other retailers). So the boy and I went in and had a play around. He usually wears his bead (he only had one before, but I fixed that yesterday!) on a leather thong, but it's becoming a bit worn, so he's decided to get a proper bracelet in the oxidised silver.

And it was really funny. On one of the Pandora websites (there are a few I think!), you can do a wishlist so people know which beads you like. And I said to the boy "I wonder if they have a virtual bracelet you can make so you can see how the beads would look." Got back to the computer and I found a website where you can create a bracelet. So I did one for me and one for the boy. If you want to have a look at the Pandora websites, this one is the official one, and this one I think is the Australian one. Anyway, it's the one with the virtual bracelet.

Am also looking at laser eye surgery pages. I'd love to get this done so I'm doing a little research on the topic. Trying to find out if it's worth it really.

Back to the chiro tomorrow. Got to have regular checkups/adjustments done. All in the name of good spinal health.

Love you all

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nothing to write about

Seriously. But am doing my Bloggly duty. Here's what's been goiing on with me lately, in easy to read point form.

  • Am learning a new pole routine (to "These boots are made for walkin"- The Jess Simpson version)
  • Bought new jeans and had the very new sensation of being nunable to do them up. (Don't worry, I was told they stretch!!)
  • Been working
  • Went to Singleton for work on Thursday but was told the primary school kids had a production to do so we got paid for 3 hrs of work that we didn't really do
  • Am getting a tanline where my t-shirt goes
  • Just realised I don't put full stops at the end of my bullet points (are you even supposed to??)
  • Am feeling a tad guilty for only specifying a few days that I want to work during the holidays. Mostly because this will be the first time I haven't put down that I'm available all day everyday, but I tried that last holidays, and I was really p!ssy since I'd just worked the whole term as well. Plus I hate it when they only roster me on for a half day. The half day itself isn't too bad, b ut when you get a week that looks like : full day, half day morning, half day evening, no work, half day evening- it get's really sh!tty
  • That was a REALLY long bullet point
  • I keep hitting the bloody capslock on this keyboard
  • Catching up on blogs
  • Visiting the boy in Sydney, but he's at work atm, so I am going to "get my stitch on"
Love you all
(promise I'll blog more!!!)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Still here

Yes I am still here, though you would be forgiven for thinking I had dropped off the face of the Earth! Still working, still poling, and trying to get my back sorted out. Am not the most comfortable Mary at the moment. Have an appointment today to go and get a spinal x-ray done (chiropractor's orders). Am still playing on Facebook and am very addicted. Is the most fun I've had since discovering Blogger!

Am working hard on mum's cross stitch. Am getting peeved about her unannounced arrivals in my room, causing me to have to hide said cross stitch while trying not to look suspicious. I know that even if she saw it she wouldn't be able to make out the desing, but I have the feeling she might suspect that it is a cross stitch for her, and I wanted it to be a total surprise. Oh well. She'll probably forget all about it, At least until the next time she walks in on me!

Am sending love to Lisa and family. It is never "just a pet". Our furry little friends will worm their way into our hearts and stay there. "They leave pawprints on our heart". Have seen this saying around, and it is so true.

Anyway, I think it is time to get on with the day!

Love you all

Monday, September 03, 2007


Have recently joined up to Facebook, and am awed at all the pretty buttons to push. Am almost totally lost, which is a weird feeling for someone of the iPod generation! So am having fun pushing various buttons to see what happens. Am pretty sure that I haven't blown up the Eiffel Tower yet, but if you're in that area, just watch out, just in case!!

Am also amazed at all the people I have been able to find, so many more than on Myspace! This is turning out to be an obsession to rival Blogger!