Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nothing to write about

Seriously. But am doing my Bloggly duty. Here's what's been goiing on with me lately, in easy to read point form.

  • Am learning a new pole routine (to "These boots are made for walkin"- The Jess Simpson version)
  • Bought new jeans and had the very new sensation of being nunable to do them up. (Don't worry, I was told they stretch!!)
  • Been working
  • Went to Singleton for work on Thursday but was told the primary school kids had a production to do so we got paid for 3 hrs of work that we didn't really do
  • Am getting a tanline where my t-shirt goes
  • Just realised I don't put full stops at the end of my bullet points (are you even supposed to??)
  • Am feeling a tad guilty for only specifying a few days that I want to work during the holidays. Mostly because this will be the first time I haven't put down that I'm available all day everyday, but I tried that last holidays, and I was really p!ssy since I'd just worked the whole term as well. Plus I hate it when they only roster me on for a half day. The half day itself isn't too bad, b ut when you get a week that looks like : full day, half day morning, half day evening, no work, half day evening- it get's really sh!tty
  • That was a REALLY long bullet point
  • I keep hitting the bloody capslock on this keyboard
  • Catching up on blogs
  • Visiting the boy in Sydney, but he's at work atm, so I am going to "get my stitch on"
Love you all
(promise I'll blog more!!!)


Anonymous said...

You better!Lucky

Jewell said...

don't think fullstops are needed at the end of bullet points as the next bullet point would be the fullstop...hmm or would it?

it's good to have time off now and then helps re-charge the batteries