Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend News

Weekend was good. Visited the boy. Was supposed to do cross stitch while the boy worked, but I pretty much just bummed around on the net. Saturday night we went into Sydney for a night out. Had the best dinner at Paddy McGuire's Pub. And quickly found that the CDB is good for pubs, not so good for nightclubs. And that walking in hooker heels all over Sydney is a lot harder than dancing in them.

Pandora has opened a shop at the QVB, it's the first exclusively Pandora retailer shop in the worLinkld (they usually sell through other retailers). So the boy and I went in and had a play around. He usually wears his bead (he only had one before, but I fixed that yesterday!) on a leather thong, but it's becoming a bit worn, so he's decided to get a proper bracelet in the oxidised silver.

And it was really funny. On one of the Pandora websites (there are a few I think!), you can do a wishlist so people know which beads you like. And I said to the boy "I wonder if they have a virtual bracelet you can make so you can see how the beads would look." Got back to the computer and I found a website where you can create a bracelet. So I did one for me and one for the boy. If you want to have a look at the Pandora websites, this one is the official one, and this one I think is the Australian one. Anyway, it's the one with the virtual bracelet.

Am also looking at laser eye surgery pages. I'd love to get this done so I'm doing a little research on the topic. Trying to find out if it's worth it really.

Back to the chiro tomorrow. Got to have regular checkups/adjustments done. All in the name of good spinal health.

Love you all


Kathleen said...

Repost the link ... it doesn't work!!!

Jewell said...

that's great to hear....