Monday, September 10, 2007

Still here

Yes I am still here, though you would be forgiven for thinking I had dropped off the face of the Earth! Still working, still poling, and trying to get my back sorted out. Am not the most comfortable Mary at the moment. Have an appointment today to go and get a spinal x-ray done (chiropractor's orders). Am still playing on Facebook and am very addicted. Is the most fun I've had since discovering Blogger!

Am working hard on mum's cross stitch. Am getting peeved about her unannounced arrivals in my room, causing me to have to hide said cross stitch while trying not to look suspicious. I know that even if she saw it she wouldn't be able to make out the desing, but I have the feeling she might suspect that it is a cross stitch for her, and I wanted it to be a total surprise. Oh well. She'll probably forget all about it, At least until the next time she walks in on me!

Am sending love to Lisa and family. It is never "just a pet". Our furry little friends will worm their way into our hearts and stay there. "They leave pawprints on our heart". Have seen this saying around, and it is so true.

Anyway, I think it is time to get on with the day!

Love you all


Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling better soon!

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