Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pole photos

I haven't put any pole photos up for a while (I actually haven't taken any for a while!) So I thought I'd put up one of my latest moves. This one is called the Aysha, and it's the same move in both pics, just using different hand placements.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scary dogs

My puppy gave me a huge scare today, I've been letting her inside for training lessons, then we have a little play. I sat on the lounge and gave her a cuddle, but she was still biting me, so I stood up to go and get her toy, took 3 steps, the heard THUMP...YIP! She had fallen off the lounge and hurt her leg- she made such a fuss I really thought she had broken it, but she's been walking on it ok, so she should be fine. Naughty puppy for scaring me!

Here's a pic, not the best, but she just wouldn't sit still, you know how puppies are:

BTW this is (one of) Bossco's sister(s)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Had my cousin's funeral yesterday- was a very nice day actually. The weather was gorgeous (if very hot- I got sunburnt!), and catching up with family. I'm usually hopeless at funerals, but it wasn't too bad for me this time. There were a few tears of course, but also some giggles and smiles. I was doing quite well until they carried the coffin out of the church. It was hard for 2 reasons. Firstly I remembered when my cousins carried their father out of the same church- they were both at the front, and they went out with their arms around each other. It was so hard for both of them, and now one of them had to go through the same thing again with his brother. The other was seeing the look in my brother's eyes, as he lifted that coffin. He just looked so lost, and I'd have done anything to change places with him- but he did our family and himself credit, and he will be better for the experience. But my heart just broke for the both of them.

It must have been such a hard day for my cousins and aunt. Having already lost a husband and father, and now to lose a son and brother- I'm not sure how they bear it. And my cousin on the same side (uncle's daughter) was killed in a car crash at Gloucester last week. So we have been copping it from all sides. I have decided that next year must be better- it couldn't possibly get worse! So I have been sticking close to home lately, and doing the family thing, which despite the reasons for it, has been rather nice.

On a brighter note, puppies are doing well, but we still have 10 of the little buggers, so if you know anyone who is looking for a dog, please send them my way!

Love you all

Sunday, November 09, 2008


My mind is traveling in circles today. My cousin passed on yesterday, so we went to visit my aunt and cousins to be with them. It was a sad day to be sure. He had just had a visit from his little girl, and he went peacefully after that. We had some problems with visitors barging in, despite the "do not disturb" on the front door- I thought it was rather insensitive. I think everyone was handling it well, but my brother and other cousin were not so good. I'm not sure what will be happening next, but any love and support you could send would be greatly appreciated.
Love you all