Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scary dogs

My puppy gave me a huge scare today, I've been letting her inside for training lessons, then we have a little play. I sat on the lounge and gave her a cuddle, but she was still biting me, so I stood up to go and get her toy, took 3 steps, the heard THUMP...YIP! She had fallen off the lounge and hurt her leg- she made such a fuss I really thought she had broken it, but she's been walking on it ok, so she should be fine. Naughty puppy for scaring me!

Here's a pic, not the best, but she just wouldn't sit still, you know how puppies are:

BTW this is (one of) Bossco's sister(s)


Lisa said...

remind me to tell you about the time Michelle THREW Will off the lounge.........funny now but scary then !!!!

Faerie said...

OMG! I wondered how did you get a picture of Boss ... as he sits exactly the same way on the lounge!

Glad Bella is Ok!