Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tesah lately

Well I got through pole class without destroying the place, which was a big accomplishment considering we all had a glass of champagne beforehand! Something tells me that mixing alcohol and pole dancing is not a good idea, and I think Teacher agrees!

Had parties today, and for once it went rather well. The day almost flew by, and the last party was absolutely aweome coz they were all gymnasts from Cessnock. So I pretty much let them run wild (which I would never do with the other parties) Even the parents were getting into it- thought I usually say that the parents are worse than the kids!

Am going to visit the boy at his new place. Lucky for me the bed is already broken, so I can't get blamed for that!

Got an email from the people I ordered Mum's cross stitch pattern from to tell me why I haven't got it yet. They usually ship in 48 hours, but there was a "system error" (translation: someone f*cked up!) and it was packaged, but not yet shipped. So it is now on the way, and I have to figure out how to get to the letterbox to get it before she does!

Also on the good news front, I don't have to turn up to do schools on Wednesday coz we have comps on all week. Arvo classes and Singleton are still on though.

Stitch n Bitch has been relocated to the SECOND Saturday of each month. Unfortunately when this was re-arranged I had already organised a trip south (funnily enough we will be going to a craft expo!) so it will be starting again NEXT MONTH!

Alcohol and hanging upside down is not a good mix.

I have snapped 2 fingernails all the way down to the pink bit. I hate having part of my finger poking out from the nail, so I never cut them that short, and it is driving me NUTS!! You know how some people can't stand fingernails on a blackboard? Well this is giving me the same sensation, and IT DOESN'T STOP!!! Ahh, it will grow back soon I guess.

Mmm apple pie and ice cream


rainbowspirit said...

Hey Tesah, you had my kid again this afternoon, 3.30pm party for Angelos, he said you won the pillow fight on the beam again, only because you tickle them, go on, give the poor kids a go!!!

LUCKY said...

Sticky date pudding!
Put a band aid over your finger nail...thats what I do cause I fixate on the broken ones too!

Tesah said...

I always win at beam fights, coz I am THE BEST!

Jewell said...

r u still with us?