Friday, July 27, 2007

Pole dancing mirrors are dangerous!

Or Shann is dangerous pole dancing near mirrors. Before I get to the mirrors bit, here is the first part of our latest routine. We are still kinda working on the other one, but because we have so many new people in our class, it's easier to just do a new routine than trying to teach them ours.

So here is the routine: (I'm the one up the back with the boots on. I decided to see how they'd go!)

Clicky here

Now if you look closely (and have been paying close attention to other videos/photos), you might notice that usually there is a large mirror behind my pole. In this video, the mirror is not there. Well, the story is, I was trying to show one of the girls the handstand move that I do at the end of the video. Problem was, I was a bit too long in the legs. I ended up kicking the mirror, the top unhooked, and landed on my head. I was freaking out coz I thought I was destroying the studio, and the girls were freaking out because they thought I'd hurt myself! I felt so bad, and I've never done that before! I'd never even thought about it! The the mirror just fell down. And here I was, standing under this great big mirror, not hurt, but freaking out anyway! At least I didn't actually break the mirror, I just removed it from the wall!

I also have a nice bruise on my leg from my boots. The zip is on the inside of the leg where I climb the pole.

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