Tuesday, July 24, 2007

About Today

Checked emails
Blogged and checked blogs
Bought more floss for cross stitch
Bought bag to organise cross stitch

Want to put up my pole again coz I need to practise, but my brother has all his junk in the way. Will just have to wait for class on Thursday.

Wondering how to get away with stitching Mum's cross stitch without her knowing.

Have snazzy new cross stitch bag

Went to HobbySew at Glendale. They have lots of pretty Japanese fabrics. Too bad I'm not much of a quilter!!

Finished one of my cat xstitches, and am wondering which project to do once I've finished the pair.


Kathleen said...

Work on your Mum's cross stitch this Saturday for a start!

LUCKY said...

Busy girl!