Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bad blogger, yes I am

I am a bad blogger- I don't think I have ever been so long without a post!! But what is really strange is it wasn't just the fact that I hadn't done anything interesting enough to blog about, but I really wasn't in the mood. Oh well, I'm here now.

With regards to the titty, here it is:
We just won it out of a skill tester!

I got my package from the Popcorn Bear Club yesterday with my cute little cross stitch kits. There were only 3 in there but they were the people who rang from the UK to tell me the last one will be in the mail shortly!

I also decided to get going on a cross stitch last night (not the Popcorn ones) but when I went to assemble the frame I had bought, it was missing a connector! So I emailed the people back, so hopefully that will be fixed up shortly.

Exchange student Carl (USA) went home yesterday. I have to admit, one of the better farewells we've had- hardly anyone cried! The last exchange student we took to the airport was literally hysterical!

Am trying to get the Fluffy Bunny Night organised. Will be going out shortly to empty mum's spice rack (that she never uses) of spices (not for spices!) So I will leave you to ponder what we might be doing with the spice jars!

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~*Rylah*~ said...

Hmmm, am definitely intrigued re the spice jars. I've never been to a fluffy bunny night before so I don't quite know what to expect..... but I'm really looking forward to it and getting what I'm going to wear organised! So much fun!

You said it's a fairy theme or something, didn't you? Does everyone usually dress up? (That's what I'm assuming) What's the general go? INFO PLEASE! :)