Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not happy Shann, and happy Shann

First of all, happy-Shann went to Sydney to spend the weekend with the boy. Was very good. Not-happy-Shann (and probably not-happy-boy) went all over Sydney in the heat searching for non-existent Mr Donuts. Checked the Yellow Pages and there was supposed to be a Mister Donuts in Chatswood Westfield so went all over the shopping centre and asked management and all that jazz, only to find out it was the trading name of Donut King. So pooh x 3948576 because of stupid Donut King trying to be Japanese and poo x 7493656 to silly-Shann who went looking for a non-existent shop and poo x 39575836555 for not getting Mr Donuts donuts!


Kathleen said...

It's just not Mr Donuts!

Lisa said...

hysterical !
pardon me laughing but honey, that is so funny !