Sunday, June 29, 2008

Still around

But not for much longer. Have spent most of the weekend packing, and am curiously worried that I don't have a full suitcase. Oh well, it definitely will be when I come home. The count down is on! YAAD assignment 2 is done and ready to be handed in early (do I get a Diana award??) but assignment 3 will need to wait till the safari is over.

Full steam ahead for the next few days- as well as most of my normal shifts, I am covering my brother's as well since he is already in SA. I finish at 7:30pm on Wednesday then get up at 5am Thursday morning to be at airport for 10am flight. Not sure how often I'll be checking in, but rest assured I will be thinking of you all and will be coming home safe and sound. (And probably already wanting to get going again!!).


wykd wytch said...

Enjoy every minute - these adventures can be few and far between and anyone having the opportunity to indulge in travelling should consider themselves Goddamn lucky - I certainly do. I know you will have a great time take heaps of photos so we can all live vicariously through you when you get back.I might try some astral travel while you are away and join you for a coffee somewhere on safari.w.w.

Tesah said...

All astral travellers are welcome as suitcase room is a bit limited and not everyone will fit!

Helen said...

enjoy...and have a great trip LOL

Kaelan said...

have a good trip babe, see you back here soon safe and sound.

much love.