Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still busy

But the not-doing-much kind of busy. Have been doing a bit of shopping, some things are so cheap over here (ie I paid A$11 for a Body Shop scrub). Went and watched the rugby yesterday. Was very intimidating being one of 2 Aussies in a room full of Springbok supporters. I think we're going shopping again today, and hopefully I will be getting to some markets soon. I'm a bit behind in my souvenir shopping. And some people are a pain to buy for.

Oh also went to an amusement park the other day. Being winter a lot of the rides were closed for maintainance, but there were still a few good ones, including the first roller coaster I have ever been on that goes upside down without a chest harness, just the lap bar! That was a bit freaky.

Anyway, that's about it from me, love you all!


Hippy Witch said...

Live it up my girl, you have study to come home to, HAHAHA. Enjoy Shann, it's nice to read what you are doing.

Tesah said...

Yes I know! I'll have so much to catch up on!!

Jen said...

dont you think its time you blogged???