Friday, January 16, 2009

Feeling sheepish

Sorry about the last post. Was feeling hormonal, which is unusual for me. I just needed to vent some stuff, but thanks for all the positive comments. Mostly I was thinking about my job situation. I was going to write that I'm so sick of being stuck where I am, but that's not exactly true. I still enjoy the work, but feel that it is time for me to move on. Problem is I'm not sure where to move on to. To me, there's no point leaving for the sake of leaving (i.e not gonna go work at Kmart just to get out). But the jobs that I've been looking at, that have more direction towards a career, don't seem to be panning out for me.

And again, I'm sorry if I worried anyone, but I will be thinking about your advice in regards to my future.

Love you all


Melora said...

I just left. That's what I was ready for though honey. Just keep your eyes and heart open.
Love Heidi

Anonymous said...

Its a new year and I reckon its gonna be hard for all of us to look for work, me included.
It is nice to think that I could sit at home and paint and do a few readings...but we are in debt up to someone elses armpits and the reality is that I will have to integrate work in there somewhere and balance it all out with the cottage and make it work.
You have youth on your side baby cakes....
you can dazzle them with your smile and a bit of pole dancing...I got nothin' but bags under my eyes and a whole lot of grey hair....hey maybe I WILL sit in my room and paint????????

Stay postive, keep trying, keep trying.
You are right...don't just leave, but you must make your aim finding another job - if you are half hearted about it, then it wont happen.
Good luck...w.w.

Kaelan said...

I know its hard, keep on pushing it will come..belive me..take it from one who has plenty of experience can always count on me for all the support, cups of tea and hugs that you need.



Anonymous said...

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