Saturday, January 20, 2007

Veeery busy

On Thursday got up at 5:45 to get the train to Sydney with Livia for our shopping day. And boy did we shop! We hit Paddy's markets and she went nuts buying souvenirs. Took little photo stickers (it's a Japanese thing!), went to the QVB. Came back with 4 bags full of other bags full of shopping.

Back up again at 5:45 the next morning to go back to Sydney to see the boy for his birthday. We had lunch with Will Anderson! So was a very good birthday all around I think.

Got home and then went out again last night, so I am very very tired. Will be up at 3am tomorrow to get the train to take Liv to the airport. So if there is a report of flooding in Sydney, it's just us!


Romy said...

How did you get to have lunch with Will Anderson?
Also are you nearly ready to start Japanese lessons yet?

RavenWolf said...

I'll field that one, we were at the sushi train in world square and he just walked in, the studios that film the glass house are out at fox studios where my uncle works. So it doesn't seem implausible that it was him. We didn't interupt him, i thought that'd be the last thing he would want just sitting there reading the telegraph and eating his lunch. But it really was kind of cool. Poor baby, been so busy, *hugs* see you on thursday night ;)



Bee said...

rest up child..