Friday, March 28, 2008

Shock, horror!

I feel like blogging! Next problem is, what to blog about? Hmm, point form always works:

  • Looking forward to trying scrapbooking
  • Worried it will take time out of cross stitching
  • This is bad because I am on a deadline
  • Taking me resume out again tomorrow
  • Hoping for "job luck"
  • If anyone knows where to get any "job luck" please let me know
  • Have started cleaning my room
  • Have decided not to make a mess as I go (my usual practice)
  • Am cleaning in an anti clockwise direction
  • Oooh, new Anne Bishop book is out in April!
  • We are almost a quarter of the way through the year
  • Need to organise new job to fit around YAAD, any remaining shifts at the gym, pole and dancing.
  • Scrapbooking looks like fun!!
  • Going out with the girls from pole class. Feel sorry for any pole we come across in our drunken state (it will probably have no less that 10 girls trying to swing off it!)
  • Am off to clean now


Anonymous said...

Have fun - nice to see you back in blog world.

Jewell said...

yeah welcome back...we all seemt o be a wee bit slack with the blogging at present

Kathy said...

Now you have to blog something ... as I have tagged you Tesah!