Thursday, November 01, 2007

Strange mood

Am in a strange mood tonight. Not sure what triggered it, but have found that sometimes I am not a nice person. Or maybe this is a completely natural way to feel and I'm being too hard on myself.

I usually tend to be quite a generous person (or I think so anyway), but there are times that I get really jealous.And it's completely irrational. It's not usually items I get jealous with, but places and people.

At times I can be very wary of letting new people into my life, and I can get very possessive if they are coming into what I consider to be "my territory", even if it is not exactly my territory to claim.

This is very strange, as I usually consider myself to be fairly open and friendly.

Not sure why I get like this, but I guess we can all get a little childish at times.


Anchell said...

Yes we do...and sometimes people just push our buttons. This is life and the trick is to act and not react....a useful trick and very tricky to apply when our buttons are pushed....


Kathleen said...

Sorry that I did not make S&B yesterday ... I got snowballed by life!