Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Msings for the day

Hmm, work goes on, and I really don't think anyone there has a clue what's going on because I have to do an hour of one class, then swap to another???

Am stitching madly lately. Have almost finished my second page. There shall be a triumphant return to S&B, oh yes there will!

Have also been spending time with some new friends; Anita Blake (by Laurell K. Hamilton), Damali Richards (by L.A. Banks), Elena Michaels (by Kelley Armstrong) and Mercy Thompson (Patricia Briggs). I have discovered a new genre and so many new books to read!!! I was getting a bit bored with the fantasy stuff, because a lot of the books can be very similar, so am loving meeting new characters. Very cool. Am raiding the local libraries for said books, but once I get a bit more money together, I might start buying some of the books. Have been searching on the net and I can get a lot of them quite cheap.

Am also buying cheap clothes off Ebay.

Loving dance classes on Tuesday nights. Am not loving dance partners who can't lead and don't know the steps, but still try to correct me. Am also cranky at certain scoundrels who leave me with said dance partners. Hmph.

Very looking forward to Lughnasa tonight. Hooray!!

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