Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Howdy doody, and I'm back again!

Ok then, filling in the last few days. Birthday was a blast, went to HV Gardens and got to hit lots of golf balls. Whoda thunk that hitting golf balls would make you so sore! Also had a look around the shops and had a stop at the zoo on the way home. Gee, sounds just like I'm a little kid again. Must be regressing!

A big thank you for everyone who sent/posted birthday comments, I love you all!

Managed to get my pole up. Took a little bit of rearranging. I was planning on putting it upstairs in the loungeroom, but that would mean I'd have to put it up and down everytime I wanted to use it. (And please keep the cheeky comments to yourselves!). So I decided I would put it downstairs where I could leave it up, and then just take it down if I needed to. So the pole is now up, and it's absolutely wonderful! I've already had a bit of a play on it. I'm teaching the exchangfe student, and mum has already had a bit of a swing on it. I think it's a great pole, not just coz it's a pole but it's really grippy which is good for me because I prefer grippy poles. It just can be a bit of a pain (literally!) when it's grippy on my legs and I'm trying to slide! I'm also a bit paranoid about going upside down because our ceiling is a bit lower than the one at the studio, so i have to be careful that I don't hit my feet on the ceiling. I haven't yet, so I'm not really sure if I can, or if I'm just being careful (and I have no idea what I just meant!)

(Well it is now Friday, but shall continue post anyway!)

Learnt/perfected 3 moves at pole class last night, am very proud and have the bruises to show for it!

Am not happy at the moment as "operation pole" is being sabotaged. But will carry on the battle and will prevail!

As I think I am the only Mary not to have posted pics of the Festivus bush, here are a few of mine. (Don't worry, we have a proper tree too!)

I am really hanging out for this Macbook so I can blog anytime I want, and I don't have to fight Livia and Jade for internet time!

Anyway, love to you all, and rest assured that if I don't blog for a while that I'm not dead, I'm just on the losing end of the battle for internet time!
Love Tesah


Bee said...

dont slip darlin

Anchell said...

Most original bush prize for you chicken!

Rylah said...

Great festivus pole! Cheeky comments? Who, us? :D

Cyndy said...

You are most clever, Shann!!