Friday, December 22, 2006

Mishaps and mismatches

No pole dancing Christmas party, which was a bit of a bummer. Oh well, so glad I have my own pole to practice on, which I really should get to. Things get so crazy this time of year. We all get so tied up in things, but we never really enjoy it. Is Christmas really worth all this stress?

Did the grocery shopping today, and the check-out chick was quite amused at the way I sorted items as I took them from the trolley so they could be packed in the right bags. I'm not incredibly anal about it, I just find it easier when I get home to unpack if all the cold stuff is in one bag, all the stuff for the pantry in another, and so on.

That's all from me really, just the usual pre-Christmas rushing around.

Love you all


Bee said...

i like to sort my groceries to,it does make it easier enjoy

rainbowspirit said...

personally, am absolutely anal about the groceries being packed together properly -sok, i think we are normal

Anchell said...

I do the same thing! Makes good sense really, anal or not!

Kathleen said...

Yes, I am the same, I put my groceries out in the order I want them packed into bags ... sometimes the checkout chicks "get it" other times they impose their logic on it ...!

Cyndy said...

Same. I put them on the checkout in the order I want them packed, cold things together, light things (breads, biscuits), friut and stuff together. Checkout boys seem to be the worst!!!