Sunday, February 04, 2007

Random Ramblings

Here are some (very disconnected!) thoughts in my head at the moment.

Why do I really need a Macbook?

Diesel The Weasel is now to be known as Diesel The Wee-sel (along the lines of the Pee-oodle. Must be related somehow!)

Learnt (well tried!) a few new moves at pole dancing the other night. One I'm kinda getting the hang of (some pic will be forthcoming) and 2 that will need a bit of work! have also decided that I need to practise more.

Am very sore from said pole dancing. New moves require new parts of the body to be tortured.

What's the go with Windows Vista?

Missing my sister

Am soon to start tutoring!

Lughnasa was great fun! (Chocolate cake was goooooood!)

Have almost finished mum's rug. Just need to tidy up the loose threads and do the edge. After that I will be finishing up some stars for the exchange students, then making a start on my tapestry.

Family gatherings (especially ours!) can be such a trial.

I love having a clean room but am totally incapable of keeping it that way!

Have to go to work today, but only for 2 parties, so not too bad. A, wondering if I need another job because at the moment am only getting around 9 hrs a week.

Why does underwear always go missing? (and socks?)


Romy said...

The washing machine eats is a sock eating monster.

rainbowspirit said...

socks plural dont usually go missing, its usually just the one, which would be fine if there was a one legged person to wear them.

Jacqui said...

Hey my grandma is one-legged! Just kidding... (Actually, she does have only one leg, she always buys two pairs of socks and gives me a pair because one does her two days...)

Anyway, what was I going to write....??? Oh, that's right, Windows Vista is just yet another way for Bill Gates and Microsoft to continue taking over the world and get even richer. That's about it, as far as I can tell...

J xXx

Anchell said...

yes, the washing machine monster strikes again...also small puppies like to knick out for that!!

Bee said...

its becoz the undies run of with the sox,