Friday, February 23, 2007

They're here!

Ok I am finally about to put up my photos! Not a virtual photo album as promised (didn't have that many good ones), but here's what I've got!

Ok this one is Kubu (the big one) with Diesel (the little one - duh!) He's a lot bigger now though!

This move is called the empress. That pink thingy hanging out of my pants is the towel I wipe my hands on (just in case you're wondering!)

This one is called the butterfly. It's actually not the best "butterfly" I have done, but I was having problems with slippage!

This one is called the bow and arrow, and again, not the best one I've done. I was really quite p!ssed about this as I'd had a makeup class on the Wednesday night and I was doing some really good moves. I decided to bring my camera to class the next day and I totally sucked! Oh well, I might take some more photos when I'm better at them!

Anyways, I'll get going now! Love you all!


Bee said...

cool puppies,cool pole dancer,xxx

Kathleen said...

Dogs are so cool!!!

Cool Moves too!

Jacqui said...

Wow - they look pretty good to me! Well done! :)

Cyndy said...

That balcony looks like it's a long way off the ground??? (The place behind looks like it's a long way below); the puppies are cute!

You are a very clever pole dancer, Shann!!

I am a very green muggle..... ;)

Anonymous said...

oh my god ... if i did that i would never walk again .... good on you ......

Bee said...

where are you shann xxxx