Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things on my mind today

I need to go to the osteo to get my neck done.

Freaking out about my ebay purchase. I transferred the money to the nominated account, but the seller doesn't seem able to find it!!! Will I have to fork out more money to get the items if the seller can't find my initial payment?

Is very hot. Trying to decide what to wear today that won't be so hot I'll melt, but will still cover hairy legs and armpits.

Hooray!! I finally finished mum's rug. Will post pictures

Am suddenly very aware that I have been promising pictures for quite a while now. Need to get a Macbook so I can load pictures straight from the computer without having to switch from my laptop (with almost completely useless internet connection) to desktop computer downstairs with broadband.

Can I really rort the system without getting caught??

Will I like the Macbook keyboard? Maybe I just need to play with them a bit more!!!

Baby Puppy is no longer a baby puppy!

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rainbowspirit said...

Have you checked with your bank to see if the funds were indeed transferred?? Check it all out before you pay again - they may be scamming you.

Looking forward to pickies...