Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Again with the random post

Have not been around much lately, mostly because I've been doing boring stuff, so have decided to go with the "random post" idea once again.

Loving the rain we've been having. Not just because it waters the garden, but because it creates the perfect conditions for staying in bed with a cuppa, a DVD and some craft.

Have so many craft projects planned or in the works. Am currently almost halfway through a rug for myself. Have decided that before I get back to my tapestry (and before the waether gets to warm for crocheting again) that I will be making a few gift rugs for various people.

Am also thinking about getting back into cross stitch, but this shall have to wait until after the rug making.

Am hoping to make myself a living room rug to go in my house when I get one. A few years ago I saw a beautiful design with Japanese symbols on it, but as you can imagine was also quite expensive. Am hoping that making my own version of said rug would be cheaper and more rewarding. Am also wondering if maybe I am setting my goals too high? Anyway, don't think tis project will be coming up anytime soon as I have nowhere to store said rug until I get said house.

Winter is definitely craft time for me. Not that I don't in the summer, but winter seems more conducive to sitting indoors doing nothing.

Have never been a strong sewing person (was going to try to say sew-er but without the hyphen might give the wrong idea!)

That's it for me. Love you all!


Kathleen said...

We need to have a craft circle at Rose Cottage too : )

Tesah said...

sounds good to me!

Bee said...

just saying hi xxxxx

Cyndy said...

sounds like rug-making is going to get the nod. What type of rug do you intend making for the lounge area; hook, woven etc? Sounds like a long-term, but passionate plan. Good luck ;0)