Thursday, April 05, 2007

On my mind

  • Pole dancing tonight, but no video as my brother has borrowed my 1GB memory card. So unless you want a 6 second video...
  • Said brother is in Korea at the moment, hence why my lack of memory card. Wonder what he's up to. Hope he doesn't get shot. (He's going to the demilitarised zone)
  • Will shortly be storming
  • Going to the boy's place for easter
  • Wondering how to help a friend in need. Am one of those people who feel the need to fix things, even things that are none of my business. Especially if it's friend who is hurting
  • Am trying to make up a new music CD to play at gym, but a lot of the music I have at the moment is the explicit version. So I need to go looking for the clean version
  • I have "frogger" on my dashboard. But I still suck at it coz the last time I played Frogger was with a joystick
  • Am learning how to play checkers
  • My diet needs an overhaul
  • Wondering why every time I press the "shift" key the Garfield comic ticks over
  • Dirty Dancing is one of my all time fave movies. Along with a lot of other dance movies
  • My favourite dance is the jive
  • My download speeds are still really slow. Broadband my butt!

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