Friday, April 20, 2007

On my mind

Last day on holiday program at work
I love my Pandora bracelet- thank you honey!
The only reason I fell on my head was because my friend had said it, just before my class!
Lack of "me time" lately
Brother back from Japan soon
Carl moving to next host family on Sunday
One damn step in the quickstep that I have a huge mental blank with- I can be shown it as many times as they want, but it still goes in one ear and out the other!
Missed Rose Cottage this week- very rare
Gotta go photocopy notes for tutoring tomorrow
My ISP is giving me the sh!ts
Starbucks is very evil- also very tasty
Driving in Sydney not so fun


Bee said...

love and light shann xxxxx

Jacqui said...

Just being a passenger in a car driving in Sydney is bad enough!
Hope you are ok...

Jac xXx

Lisa said...

yes, you were missed for sure and muchly- i cant remember too many times when Shann hasnt showed up ! Hope you are ok- no group this week because of anzac day love you cant wait to see the bracelet x

Cyndy said...

You've a busy mind, Shann... ;0)