Friday, April 27, 2007

Time for a new post

At least that's what the calender's telling me. Last post was Tuesday, so time for another post. Had first school for the term. Wasn't too bad- found the place alright. The kids weren't too bad. I only have 4 classes, but since I have to get up at about 6:30, it just seems like a long day. Even though I finish by 1:40.

Need to start looking for the next textbook for my Jap tutoring. Not sure where I'll be able to get it. Been looking on Ebay (that's where I got the last one), but no luck yet.

Have been very sad and looking up pretty cross stitch designs on the net. Really need to start getting into cross stitch, but need to finish assorted rugs first. (Not the living room one- that one's going to be a veeeery big project!!)

Had pole dancing last night and didn't fall on my head (score!). Have a new move to show:

Yes the camera is a little crooked, and I can't really rotate it to fix it, so this will have to do. Have decided I need to practice on my pole at home a lot more. First I need to put it up again. I took it down last weekend because I was reading on a forum that if you leave it up too long it makes it really hard to get down. There were all these horror stories about people who had left their's up for 3 months and it was "sooo hard to get apart", and mine had been up since Xmas! So I was really freaking out that I wouldn't be able to get it apart, but it came undone with no trouble. So I cleaned it and took care of other assorted maintainance, and now I just need to put it up again. Have also decided when I get a house, I want a really high ceiling so I can climb higher.

That's it from me! Love you all


Kathleen said...

Hey Tesah, I have a program on my computer that can turn pictures into cross-stitch ... maybe you could come visit and come away with a free pattern!!!

I am working on a cross-stitch that I made from one of Toni Carmine Salerno's cards : )

Anchell said...

Why are you sad?
It seems to be a time right now for feeling old feelings and letting go of them doesnt it.
Thinking of you oh glamorous pole girl....