Monday, May 07, 2007

About me today

  • Had coffee with friends
  • Had to relocate first
  • Tried cinnamon butter
  • Decided it was very delicious
  • Went back to school
  • Talked with favourite teacher
  • Forgot lots of Japanese
  • Was very embarrassed of said loss of Japanese
  • Went to Belmont looking for Japanese shop
  • Took ages to find said Japanese shop
  • Said Japanese shop was not what I expected
  • Bought 2 quilting books anyway
  • Have started to finalise ideas for Witches Stitches
  • Will most probably be called Rose Cottage Crafters
  • Made lots of progress on tapestry
  • Had to go to work
  • Is really hard to be a kids gymnastics instructor with a sore throat
  • Have not changed from work clothes yet
  • Am really looking forward to PJs
  • Long day working tomorrow
  • Will probably lose voice tomorrow
  • Helen, if you're reading this I am coming to your workshop! Not sure when I will see you to give you the money, but I am coming!!
  • Really want to get started on cross stitch
  • Really need to get a massage done
  • Will make appointment tomorrow
  • Am having lots of trouble typing "tomorrow"
  • Am going to get a cuppa

Love you all

1 comment:

Anchell said...

Hello shann, we are making some drums later this week. Would you like to order yours with this lot?
let me know
michelle xx