Thursday, May 03, 2007


Wont say too much on this subject, as most of the Mary's where there last night. I have to say I always love Samhain though. You know it's going to get a little (sometimes very) emotional, but it's like a release- you always feel so much better afterwards. And it was great to see so many new additions at the Cottage last night. The number of women in our humble little Cottage would have been almost record breaking for a normal "Around the Cauldron" night. For a sabbat, (which usually tend to be small, intimate affairs) it was positively phenomenal!

On another positive note, I get to see the boy today! Hooray!

Have not had much chance o do my crafty things lately, but am still very motivated, and almost cranky about the fact that work really cuts into my crafty and social time. But I also feel I shouldn't whinge too much considering the amount of whinging I did because I wasn't getting enough work!

With regards to the (Witch) Stitch n Bitch, it's sounding like we'd have a fair bit of involvement so the only thing I'm worrying about now is where to hold it. I was originally thinking at Starbucks (for yummy coffee!) but they may get a little grumpy with us taking up so much room, and also not really much room to spread out various crafty material (I need LOTS of room when I craft!) Was also thinking at my house, but that would probably involve a major re haul. (Not a pleasant thought, but still a possibility). So if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I was also thinking maybe if people were comfortable, we could rotate who hosted it each month. So, still in the works at the moment.

Happy Samhain!


Bee said...

havnt heard about the stitch an bitch thing so will talk soon ,,,,

Anchell said...

Hold it at the cottage silly, if everyone put in a few bucks it would
benefit all.

Kathleen said...

The Cottage is a perfect place to get together : )

Lisa said...

why in the world are you not having it at the cottage ??????
Shann J Panni, I am amazed. The cottage has everything and if people put in a $5 dontation towards tea/coffee and bring a plate, it would cover all the costs..........
when were you thinking of doing this........