Monday, May 28, 2007

Toooo much stash

I have way too much stash. (ie too may cross stitch projects waiting to be started!). Firstly I had bought just a little Eeyore bookmark to start on, just to get back in the swing of things (have only ever done a little bit of cross stitch). When I went down to visit my boy the other weekend, I bought 2 more patterns at Victoria House, and when he came up last weekend we went to the evil little shop in Cardiff (also known as Tapestry N Things) and he bought himself a cross stitch to work on. And not to be outdone, I also bought a new pattern (15 pages of new pattern!!!). Then there is the cross stitch magazine I've started buying that has numerous little projects to try. I might have to start doing 5 projects at the same time!!!

Anyway, yesterday was rather blah. Had some shockers at the school I was at. I actually sat down and refused to teach at one point (I refused to argue with year 6 students about which line I put them into). The afternoon classes were better behaved (they always are) but they were having a shocking night with their skills. One girl landed on her belly in the foam pit and twinged her back, one wasn't getting the hang of her somersaults... so not the best day. One the plus side, today can't be any worse! Love you all


Kathleen said...

You will need to come visit my sewing room/studio which is stocked to overflowing with patterns, threads, beads, colour and more!!!

Kathleen said...

Just to add, One can never have too much stash!