Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Places/things that are EVIL!!!

(yet very cool/tasty/always-spend-too-much-money!)

  • Starbucks - always spend too much time/money here, but coffee is soooo good!
  • JB Hi Fi - too much to look at and I always end up buying DVDs coz they are so cheap!
  • Blogger - lol I think we all know we spend too much time on blogger, but I love reading about everyone's days and feelings and thoughts. It really is oddly addictive!
  • Victoria House of Needlecraft in Mittagong - don't get me started on this again, I don't think my honey will ever take me back there again!
  • Officeworks - yes I have a "stationery thing" as well!
  • Hojo's Cafe in Mittagong - great coffee and great food!
  • Mind Body Spirit festival - I always budget, and I'm always over! Too many pretty things to look at and too many books to buy!
  • Mister Donut Japan - you already know my thoughts on this!
  • Spotlight - need I say more?

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

Bead Shops are Evil too! I always spend way too much money on little bits of glass!