Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More pole dancing

Well, finally, here are the latest videos of my pole dancing escapades, including the upside-down-on-the-pole one.

Upside-down-on-the-pole (the technical name is the "descending angel"!)

This one is called the black widow, and I have to apologize for the very (un)graceful getting-up-off-the-floor move.

This one is called the corkscrew and it's a very short vid( just 3 seconds) coz it's a really hard move to do and I'm not too good at it yet.

That's all I've got so far. One of the girls in my class still hasn't managed to get upside down on the pole by herself yet. She was so close last week and it was really frustrating her. I'm hoping she'll get it this week though.

Enjoy and please leave some comments and tell me what you think!
Love Tesah


Romy said...

I cant seem to down load the first one!!!

Anonymous said...

me neither

Anonymous said...

Its not you, its internet explorer, works fine on fire fox.
That wasnt ungraceful dear, me doing it would be ungraceful and disgraceful though

Cyndy said...

Same probs, but worked it out ..eventually.


Anonymous said...

bloody hell shannjpanni!
i want to do that !!
whinge, whine, grumble......

Mary Me