Thursday, October 19, 2006

The world of Shann

... is very boring at the moment. Rose Cottage last night was very interesting, but unfortunately, I don't think I was in any state to fully appreciate it. I was just so out of it, and before I left work I had actually contemplated not going, for the first time, ever, I think. But go I did, and was glad of it because just seeing everyone there can give you a lift.

And another thing, if all you other Mary's are fluffy, does that make me "pointy"?

There's not much going on with me at the moment, I'm pretty much on here to fulfill my blogging duties, and so all the other Mary's don't call me sad for having a life.

And here are some randoms:

Why is caramel so yummy?

My dance partner rang me up on Tuesday night during Dancing With The Stars, just to ask me if I was watching the heel turns in the foxtrot. I don't mind the foxtrot, but I really suck (and therefore, hate) doing heel turns. It is not a natural movement for an ex-gymnast and ex-ballerina, who usually does turns on her toes. Plus I have never had a lesson in standard ballroom in my life. Anything that I have picked up in standard has just been a crash course- the operative word being "crash".

Dancing is a contact sport, football is a hitting sport.

You have to wonder why guys who get to dance with beautiful women are called gay, while men who go out and try to tackle other men are "real men".

Just wondering what everyone's Obsessive Compulsive thing is. We all have one, even if it's not a debilitating one. (ie washing your hands every 5 minutes). What thing are you obsessive compulsive about? It could be as simple as having to check the iron before you leave. Mine has to do with suede. All the pile has to lie flat, it can't be all messy. Hence why I will never be getting a suede lounge suite.

Going to pole class again tonight, and wondering what kind of acrobatics I will be getting up to.

Have to go finish watching buffy. It's on load from the library, it's due back tomorrow, and I'm only up to disc 3 of 6.

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Blooging, definatly blogging....and paint, yes, paint....and maybe, well, lots of things......oh dear

Anonymous said...

My OCD thing is aligning things in straight lines. All the books on my shelf have to be aligned and straight, and the same for my desk and computer desk. Everything has to be SQUARE! Yes, I know I'm square too.... :)
Love your observation about football - so so true shanngipanni!
Rylah xXx

Anonymous said...

My obsession is having to put things in their "colours" - from black, brown, roygbiv, pinks and white ... did you see my bookshelf?

Rainbow is my middle name!

Anonymous said...

blogging & sheets- i need percale sheets......

Cyndy said...

My son was amazed when I asked him to put the cd's into alphabetical order based on the group or artist's surname....i have to have a skid-free toilet and have asked all inputers to clean skids off after application. Needless to say no one else does...toilet rolls on the t.roll holder (no one else does this either) I went away once, and I swear without the word of a lie, that all the other women were on more of a holiday than me. Everytime I went to the toilet, I had to put on a new roll. Everytime!!!!....Sad to say, there are other obsessions/compulsions....;)