Monday, October 09, 2006


Sorry if this is a bit confusing but that last post was written on Friday, and it is now Monday, so I thought I'd better fill you in on what's been happening.

I was down at the library using their super fast internet to upload my pole pics but you only get an hour each day so I had to get off and I didn't have time to upload the video that i really wanted to show everyone. So I'll be doing that tomorrow, and hopefully you guys can see it soon.

The boy came up from Sydney on the weekend which is why I didn't have time over the weekend to try to upload this stuff. We didn't actually get up to much because we ended up helping my mum and brother demolish the house. Well we didn't demolish the house per se, we renovated the spare room and the stairwell. We ripped up the carpet and laid down new carpet squares, which involved moving all the furniture into the loungeroom. After we laid the new carpet down, we had to move everything back, and we almost lost the screw out of the bed frame- but we found them, luckily.

We had a few false starts over the weekend, actually, there were more than a few. On Friday, Jade left his light on at work and had a flat battery, so we had to drive out and try to jump start it. We actually melted the jumper leads! So then we tried to clutch start it, but that didn't work. luckily there was a Super Cheap Auto just down the road so we went and got some new jumper leads and finially got that working. Then when we got home, Jade was stirring up the dog and it hit him in the nose! He was so lucky that it didn't break anything.

We managed to do the spare room in one afternoon, and the next day we started on the stairwell. We had a few problems with this on. We had to replace the support beam under the floor, because after 19 years of Jade and I both landing with a huge thud at the bottom, the support had actually cracked. Jade went to Bunnings to get the timber, but he got the timber 20cm short. So Jono and I had to go back out and get the correct size. Then our drill almost blew up, so we had to got back to Bunnings and get a drill (a corded one because if we got a cordless one we would have had to wait while it charged). Then the slats we got to replace the floor didn't quite fit into place, but that was easily fixed.

Got my roster for next term today, and I'm not too happy about it. Last term I was getting about 14 hrs a week, and now I'm down to 9. I lost one of the shifts that I really wanted, and I'm going to be working with a person that I'm not too fond of. The same people are getting all the shirfts, and when somethgin happens to them (if they get sick or go on holidays) I'm one of the people they call in to fix it. I have to work Mondays which means that I can't do belly dancing, so I have to figure out how I can keep going with that.

Anyway, enough of me bitching, I'm gonna go, and hopefully the next blog will be a bit more upbeat. And it will probably include pole pictures!
Love you all

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