Thursday, October 12, 2006

Short & Sweet

Feeling sunburnt and heat stroked- spent most of the day in the sun

New best friend Katie- went and got me Starbucks frappacino when I had to work

Can't type this evening- had to correct 3 already

Getting screwed over at work- it's all going down the toilet now

How very moody I was yesterday due to certain monthly problems

Wondering if I can actually get the pole to fit in Starbucks

Wondering if I dare wear the catsuit ( don't think it's going to happen though)

Just fixed my 6th typo

Think I'll quite while I'm ahead and while my head is still baked from today.

Love to all


Cyndy said...

Only 6? An excellent effort in by books! I had to fix 2 in just this small bit of text!!!!!;)

Anonymous said...

Check out everyones blog, you are in good company

xxEloisexx said...

I hate sunburn. Bane of my existance. Hence that fact I avoid it as much as possible. You get sunburnt putting washing on the line!
Hope it gets better!
Ciao :)

Anonymous said...

sweetheart & I have totally given up on fixing anything but the most blaringly obvious typos- being a blogger means no-one expects perfection.
Too much sun- you will be in the naughty corner for that...put on the cat suit, have a cry & relax.
Another aspect of our Goddess- the restless unhappy woman......
Atleast you can dance.........