Tuesday, October 31, 2006

General randomness

Was soooo looking forward to Beltane

Shame it was cancelled

Hope you feel better Mary-Raihn

Would love to volunteer for the Rose Cottage Association of Filler-Innerers

Why are toenails so disgusting? And why haven't I started painted them more often sooner? (sorry, Shann-speak for more regularly- I think)

Want to get my fingernails done too but never seem to get to the salon. Hey, maybe I should paint them myself! (Squeals with glee!)

Except just remembered when it comes to painting my right hand, using my left hand, I really suck

New exchange student is supernice, and starts every rumble in the house (usually audible 3 streets away(

Told Jade that we are not to tickle her feet anymore, as she screams blue murder and someone may actually think we are murdering her.

Not even thinking about Xmas presents. I think I'll be giving everyone gift vouchers. Or calenders, that will make Mary-Renata happy.

The boy is coming up tomorrow!

Hopefully this time when we go to Govinda's it will be open!

Cheese spread on toast is so yummy. Ditto Tim Tams

Not together of course

My list of unfinished craft projects is thus: (in order of needing to get done right now!): box for raffle, cranes for summer solstice, surprise for RC baby (assuming I can figure out how to get it done- I don't actually have a pattern for this!), a crocheted blanket for mum, and then all the stuff for me- namely another crocheted rug, a tapestry, and a bag.

Note how I put all the stuff for me at the end. I have come to the conclusion that you always get stuff for other people done quicker than stuff for yourself. This is because if it's for someone else, you usually need it for a specific date (eg bday or Xmas), but if it's for yourself, it's not the having, it's the doing.

Am very ashamed of craft rant.

I have done roughly 120 cranes out of 1000. Wish me luck!

Why hasn't my broadband been connected yet?

I really really want a pole. But I can't put it in until mum has finished laying the vinyl down. And I have no idea when that will be.

Got a massage organised today, and omg will I be feeling better afterwards!

Decided I need my own live in masseus. (Hope I spelt that right!)

Thought I had crimpers and wire cutters and pliers from my brief attempt at suncatchers. Have misplaced these but need to get more to finish off my Ostara (and soon to be Beltane) sabbat cords.

Have rambled way too much

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm..... timtams on toast.... yum! :)

Anonymous said...

I have found that if you use your toes to paint both hands then they at least look equally hideous!

Anonymous said...

you gorgeous girl- yes, i am thinking of training you up to High Priestess level so as t fill in next time i am curse with the awfuls.......
yes, would love govindas as well but Raj's indian at hamilton is to die for too........
love to you ....i would suggest asking Santa for a pole......wait a minute, maybe not .......'bright red face'

Cyndy said...

Masseuse maybe?
Get someone else at home (that doesn't have a waxing grudge, maybe) to paint your right hand for you...
If you think your toenails are disgusting now, then you're in for a treat when you're 90...
Your house sounds like a great place to live..laughter is the international language...
Mainlining a tim tam is yummy...glad you didn't put tim tams on toast with the cheese spread..thought maybe that was a Brazilian thing until i read further.... ;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ok Shann -IT's TIME!
That's right - it's finally time for you to update your links section... and link to all us Mary's. It is not hard, I promise. Just switch to blogger 'beta' and it's as easy as pie. Come on now, don't be scared...
:) :) :)
:) :)