Thursday, November 02, 2006

Freaking Out

I am freaking out right now because I have to do a school tomorrow on my own for thje first time, and I have to find my way to Moonan Flats on my own, and I've lost my book of lesson plans and had to get another one, but I have no idea where I put the first one, and I need to find it.

Ok Shann, just breathe, is all good. Don't mind me, just freaking out. It's probly not as bad as I'm making out. So don't worry!

Pole classes are going all over the place. No class tonight (big bummer) and then maybe will still haveclasses on Thursdays, but I'm going to the boy's house next Thursday so I may have to miss that one too.

Getting Girls Night In organised. Have to go to Moonan Flat tomorrow, organise then have Girls Night In on Saturday, doing birthday parties on Sunday, and then back to Singleton again on Monday.

Seriously guys, I know I must sound really traumatised, but I'm all good. Just need to sit and breathe. Drinking less coffee might help too.

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

busy girl,,,,,,,life is all about freaking will be fine........water & high vibration food.......

Cyndy said...

That's almost my part of the world Shann; it's actually called Moonan Flat. You shouldn't miss the school; it's a little weatherboard building on the main road, on the left, just up from the service station/post office/pub. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

inhale, will be brilliant