Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Lisa's blog about the sister in all of us got me thinking. It can be wonderful to hear another's view of yourself. As women we tend to notice the positive of others, but usually only focus on the negative of ourselves. So I am proposing an ego-boosting post. I would like to tell each of you what I admire about you. It may be something physical, it may be something emotional/mental, or it may just be that I enjoy your company. If I forget someone, please let me know because I would love to tell you what it is that I love about you!

Lisa- you always seem so certain, and I love the way you mother everyone, regardless of age.

Renata- a very wacky sense of humour- melds perfectly with mine.

Deb- lol you come up with some cracking one-liners!

Leeanne- the most wicked laugh, and a fabulous dancer. (And I wish I had your boobs! (Just kidding!))

Jacqui-I love sharing a joke with you

Kathleen- so very, very wise

Helen- so much knowledge on so many topics

Michelle- the hair, oh my god, the hair!

Larry- what's not to love? Gives great hugs

Diana- always looking out for people

Jonathon- his obsession with heavy metal- absolutely adorable!

Carolyn- makes me laugh (and have a guess how!!)


Anchell said...

If you had Leannes boobs you would just fall over a lot!
You are a sweetie.

Kathleen said...

Thankyou Tesah : )

Raihn said...

thanks sweetie- have you cleaned your teeth & changed your underwear ????????

Tesah said...

Yes mum

Cyndy said...

Your centre of gravity on the pole might be a bit of a challenge; how would you see when you were upside down? (no offense intended, Leanne; those of us who are less-endowed have no concept of appropriate bra-choice).