Friday, November 17, 2006

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Wednesday night was a blast. There was drumming, banging, and crashing galore, along with a few (actually, quite a lot) of gongs! (Credit to Renata!)

The drumming circles we did were absolutely amazing, and each one was unique in its feel. After we had finished, I could still feel the energy swirling all around the room. Jacqui and I were both alomst falling over. Of course, each of us was trying to lean on the other, so that might not have helped!

The random jamming that came afterwards was so infectious everybody was dancing, and I think they heard us all in Merewether! Got to meet some Marys in the flesh which was a treat, and people have still not forgotten my internet debut! On that note. last night I paid for my new pole and I should be getting it shortly. So once I get hold of it (which may be later rather than sooner if my mum wants to make it a Chrissie present), there will be a lot more photos and videos for everybody to laugh at and for teenage boys to send to their friends.

Pole class wasn't the best last night. It was loads of fun as always, but there was a beginners class in before us and when we went to get on the poles, they were so slippery! And no matter how much we wiped them down, we couldn't get any grip. So som of the tricks were a bit harder than usual. I haven't taken a photo of my latest trick yet, but when I do, I'll post it here. It involves hanging off the pole by only my legs! (Upside down too I might add!) So I'm sure everyone will be eager to see that one.

Am going to an Inauguration Ceremony tonight. I am part of an organisation for returned Rotary exchange students who went to Japan. So I have to get dressed all snazzy, and then find my way through Sydney. if I manage to take any photos, they too will be posted.

I really need to find some pics to put here. Everyone else has pretty photos on their blog. Of course the last time I posted things like that on my blog I got myself into a heap of trouble!

Am going to the Mind Body Spirit festival on Saturday. Am really sad to be missing out on the Angelic Raihn healing workshop, but I'm hoping there might be another one in the new year sometime. (Lisa, are you listening? Pretty please??)

Am hoping to get a pretty skirt I saw when I was there last year. My problem will be deciding what colour I want! But I like this one the best.

But it's quite expensive, so maybe just the skirt!

Anyway, just waiting for the boy to finish his meeting, then I might go get some coffee.

Love you all
PS Starbucks is evil!


Rylah said...

I'd love to go to the MBS festival but I'm not rich enough this year.... I wish they wouldn't have it so close to xmas!!! :)

Raihn said...

good god shann, you actually posted about slippery poles & dont want me to comment on it........i am busting wiht quirky one liners here.........

Kathleen said...

The outfit is gorgeous Shann!

I have seen them at the MBS festivals myself and lamented that I didn't have enough money to buy any!!!

Cyndy said...

Hang on, I got the colour orientation wrong; it's sunrise in the middle, and night-time top and bottom

Anonymous said...

Goddess Dress from £57 at Serenity Blue

please pass it on xx