Sunday, November 19, 2006

Something to report!

Well, that makes a change, doesn't it! Friday I had an Inauguration Ceremony. I am a member of a society for returned Rotary exchange students who went to Japan. Friday night was the official launch. We had a reception at the residence of the Japanese Consul-General. Here are some of the pics:

This is the view from the Consul Generals residence. (And am letting everyone know that I have just been interrupted for the 3rd time while trying to write this blog!) It has taken me 2 days to get this far! So I think I may just post this bit, and the rest can be done when I have more time. (Now that will be going on my Xmas list. - "Dear Santa, please send me MORE TIME for Xmas. Love Shann")

Love you all, will finish up later!


Raihn said...

everything about you is so fast & zippy shann!

Rylah said...

Wow, what a view!