Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Shann's Wish List

What Shann would buy if she had the money:

A Macbook and an Airport (Apple’s wireless router) so that I could sit in my room and blog any time I want, without having to fight my brother for the computer. Plus I could watch TV at the same time!

A Corolla Ascent hatchback. I have a 1983 Corolla at the moment, and I love it to bits, so if I was to get a brand-spankin-new car, it would be this one.

A double bed with a squishy down doona. I really need a double bed. I like to spread out when I sleep, but that’s kind of hard in a single bed. And Jonathon has a really nice down doona that’s so nice to sleep under. I find my current doona really heavy.

My tattoo. I really want to get it, but I still need to get the design sorted out.

One of those huge amethyst geode things. (And yes, that is a technical term!)

A couple of holidays all over the world. Starting with South Africa, Brazil, and Rome. (And France, and America, and Canada, and…)

A guitar for my honey, and 2 tickets to an Iron Maiden concert in any city in the world he chose.

A couple of nice houses in countries all over the world.

(You see we’re really starting to get away from reality now!)

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure I'll come up with some more later!


Rylah said...

Don't worry, my list is long too! But the car I would buy is an Audi TT Coupe (convertable) in silver. I think it's about 60 grand! Don't want much, do we?!

Rylah said...

BTW, can I steal this idea for a blog post? I am seriously under-inspired right now!

Anchell said...

You forgot the drum! heehee

Raihn said...

ofcourse you would buy me a laptop & a date with Jackson browne

Cyndy said...

You have a classic, vintage corolla now, Shann..methinks that a new one wouldn't still be going nicely in 23 years time....they just don't make things like they used to.. ;)))