Thursday, November 23, 2006

And what's up today

Wish list:
Of course I would buy Mary Raihn a laptop, fly her to a private dinner with Jackson Browne in Rome (or maybe Paris-more romantic!).

I would buy many many wonderful drums from Sacred Drums and give them out to people.

I would go absolutely nuts buying crystals on ebay (of course I do that anyway, but I'm kind of constrained with regards to funds!)

Give everybody at the cottage a blank IOU that they could fill out for whatever they chose.

Whew! I am a busy Mary!

Feel free to appropriate the "wish list" idea Rylah. I'd love to see some of the things on your list. The complete boxed set of the X - Files perhaps? Oooh, or a cat playground for the kitties? (Sorry, this is your wish list and you can put anything you want on it!)

Last night was a shocker at work. Not only was it really really hot, but there was a bushfire somewhere and the wind was just blowing the smoke all over the place. We had to close all the windows to stop the smoke getting in, and the kids were worried they wouldn't be able to get home (bless them!).

Had a minor catastrophe with the computer this morning. (They seem to be going around, don't they?) I was told that I could unplug our ADSL modem and plug it inot the back of my laptop. So I yoiked the plug out of our desktop computer, and went to plug it into my laptop. The problem was, my laptop is so ancient (it actually has a floppy disk drive!) that there was no ethernet port on it! So I plugged it back into the other computer and tried to open a web page. No dice. I freaked out and rang the boy, who while trying to calm me down, was also trying to figure out what I had done to the poor computer. None of that worked so I rang Dodo, who told me they'd be able to get back to me within 24 hrs. So gave up on that and tried my brother's mate. We finally got it working, and I really should say here that what he suggested was also suggested by my honey, but I hadn't actually tried it. So, crisis averted and am now able to blog in peace.

Am really really thinking about getting a new laptop (preferably a Macbook) that I can actually access broadband with! Once our accountant gets his finger out, I should have a tax check coming (god knows when that will be though!), and depending how much it is, I might put some of it toward a pretty new laptop.


Kathleen said...

A laptop for shann under the christmas tree : )

Anchell said...

Pretty new laptops are big bucks! Especially if they have an apple on them.
Wishing you an excellent tax return!

Tesah said...

Aww, thanks girls!