Saturday, October 07, 2006

What's Happening

This is actually from Friday, but I'm gonna leave it as is.

And yet again I have been up to a whole heap of nothing that takes up way too much time! Still trying to get my "Girls Night In" sorted, but I'm being a bit lazy. Hoping the Moon in Aries will be giving me a big kick in the backside soon! Trying to blog more regularly, seeing as people go to thr trouble of visiting my blog, but there is never anything new to see. All that is about to change right now, and you will be glad of the break, because it is once again time for pole pictures. Actually they are pole videos so I'm hoping that no more 13 year old boys will be getting their hands on them. But I suppose you can't really say no to the fans. I am currently sitting here in Wallsend library waiting for these videos to load so that I can link them here. I am at the library because they have superfast snazzy internet, while I am still in the dark ages of dial-up. So I'm trying to fill in some time and get some blogging done in the meantime. I am also trying to figure out why I can't get onto this forum. It just redirects me, and it's giving me the sh!ts. They must be updating or something.

I'll get back to the videos (once the damn things load!). Last night at the Cottage was wonderful, a much bigger group than last time. Brooms were named and consecrated (the naming highlights being "Franken-Muff" and "Whoosh"). The Rose of Avalon Cricle was also cleansed and consecrated, which unfortunately for me involved moonwater. We weren't even drinking it! It was just poured on our hands and it still got me. I think Lisa was quite astounded at the effect it had on me, even without ingesting it! I have to admit though, it wasn't as severe a reaction as I usually get!

We also got some silver bangles to commemorate the first ritual in the circle. I still haven't decided what to do with mine- whether I want to put them on my alter or if I want to wear them. And I still need to make an Ostara sabbat cord, hopefully before Beltane, or I'll be 2 cords behind. I'm really hoping this Aries energy is strong because all of my tasks that I want to get done are short term, but the problem is there are so many of them to do!

I can't believe it, this video has been uploading for 25 min already, and I still have 2 to go! Can't wait till we get broadband at home. I should do a survey and just see how many people still do have dial-up. Surely I'm one of the last people alive to be using it!

I'll put the pole photos up later. I'm still waiting for one to load.

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