Saturday, March 24, 2007

About Today

  • I have decided I like making lists for blog posts. (This revelation didn't come to me today, been with me for a while, just thought I'd share)
  • What's with my download speeds? Seriously, 2kb/s??? Where's the 10 or 14kb/s??
  • The gym gets very hot. The exact equation is:

T=t x 6/l
T= temperature inside the gym

t= temperature outside gym

l= amount of liquid consumed

  • You can actually get sick of drinking water
  • Your "crystal cave" can also be called your "Mary" (learnt this one at pole dancing the other night. And you girls think dancing is all I learn!- Along with how to walk in really high heels)
  • Have ordered 2 pairs of pole shoes. 1 pair sandals, 1 pair boots, both black. See:

  • It's time for a remedial massage
  • It's raining outside, and I love it
  • Going to Mary Ankle's art thingo tomorrow
  • Need to pick up a plate (with food on it) to share
  • Am thinking of all those who need healing and love sent their way
  • Am halfway through 2 books.
  • Worried about my caffeine dependency!
  • Am officially in charge of next fluffy bunny ritual (and need to get my fluffy bunny thinking cap on)
  • Wondering how many pairs of boots is too many (Mary Goth, you stay out of this one!!)
  • Loving tutoring in Japanese
  • Wore my new blue irt (well, there really isn't enough material to justify calling it a skirt!) out dancing last night. Positive I flashed half the club
  • Did not end up needing to pin said irt to knickers
  • Got kicked out of a club (well got asked to leave coz underaged kids not allowed in clubs after 9pm even with a legal guardian)

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Jacqui said...

Those shoes are dangerous!!!