Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mabon & Other Assorted Assorteds

Mabon ritual was last night, (most of you probly knew that!) I forgot to take my chalice with me when I left for work, but thought to myself that I could borrow one when I got there. Only I forgot to do that too, but didn't realise it until I needed it! (Isn't that always the way though?) But Jacqui was kind enough to share, so it was all good.

Got loads of compliments on my outfit (even though I think most of you had seen it before! Nevermind, i'm not the kind to turn down compliments!). If you're interested, here is the website for the company who sells them. (I got mine from their stall at the Mind Body Spirit festival). They are Chrysalis Clothing. And I have the Venus skirt in Sunrise, and the Angel sleeve butterfly tie top in Sunset. But they are pretty expensive ($112 for the Venus skirt). But they are just so pretty I had to have one! And one of the main reasons I'd gone to the MBS festival was to get one of these skirts.

Am trying a herbal detoxifying tea. Thought it might give me the benefit of a detox without the need to a detox diet, because if I did that I'd waste away I think! But the poor herbal tea needs to compete with all the sugar and caffeine in my system. oh well, at the very least it will make me feel good for trying!

I had a quick squiz on Ebay (ok, maybe more than a quick squiz), for those LED candles like I had last night. And there are some available. So just search "LED candle". Also, this one here has a set of 4 for sale.

Anyways, that's about it from me. I have pole dancing on tonight, so more photos may be on the way! Love you all!

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